I felt refreshed with this project… It renewed confidence in my work. It was a really wonderful experience. I’ll take a lot of this back to work with me.

Amy Keeler, Zanzibar 2018

CoDA (CoDesign Abroad) facilitates immersive, collaborative, design-based trips and projects between creatives and underserved communities in culturally rich locations around the globe. Participants work with local residents, artisans and communities to identify needs and design tangible products, services or systems to meet those needs.

CoDA invites creatives (designers, makers and craftspeople) to travel with purpose to unique destinations where they can unplug and achieve something meaningful. Our trips are intimate travel experiences where participants apply their skills to important challenges and implement those solutions in the field. We offer participants the opportunity to work and network with like-minded professionals and learn new design skills, while making profound connections through sharing culture and ideas. 

CoDA capacity builds using design tools and design thinking. Our projects ask designers and local participants to work together, sharing goals, ideas and benefiting from purposeful solutions. Participants gain valuable experience. Community needs are tangibly met through design.


We facilitate immersive, collaborative design-based projects around the globe between designers and under-served communities.

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Travel with purpose. Share your skills and do meaningful work while taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of another culture.

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I would recommend this trip, as it’s something I enjoyed as someone who is invested in equity and design for social innovation. This trip was something I don’t think I could’ve done on my own and I believe many others would feel the same way. That is the value of CoDA.

Ranee Lee, Tanzania 2022

I liked feeling useful and I felt very useful on this trip which I enjoyed… I felt like I was being challenged and I had something to do every day. It was a nice way to use your skills, in a way that you’re not doing everyday. You’re challenging Yourself. You’re looking at a different approach.

Amy Keeler, Zanzibar 2018

The trip felt truly one of a kind. We were doing things I would never have been able to had I gone to India on my own. I learned so much about Indian culture and design. I feel so lucky to have had the experiences I did and to have met so many wonderful people there.

Juliana Scherzer, India 2017


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