I’m Emma and I am an avid textile enthusiast (and student) studying at Sheridan College within the craft and design program.

I discovered textiles by accident while trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I had been traveling/working as a nanny when I came across Sheridan’s program and, as they say, the rest is history. I’m two years in and couldn’t be more thrilled. In those two years the areas of textiles that I have come to love and focus on are natural dyes, and sustainable functional objects (clothing, home decor etc.). Sustainable textiles are important because there is a huge disconnect between the things that we buy and what we know about them (how they are made, who made them, where they come from etc.). Learning about the craftsmanship behind the objects that we value, the skills and labor that was put into them, and the importance of quality, makes them even more special. It needs to be acknowledged and can make us feel more connected to the things we surround ourselves with which in turn could change the way in which we consume.

     This is a huge reason why this co-design program was so attractive to me. We are getting to see first hand the work and skill that goes into everyday objects by people who have spent their entire lives perfecting them. Watching Bunker Roy’s TED talk got me thinking about wealth of knowledge. There is no better way to learn about something that to see it live, and grow, and breath. To be able to witness these artisans firsthand and go to a country who’s history is rooted in craft is an opportunity that I couldn’t ignore. Not to mention, India has been a starring role on my bucket list in the past few years. As I looked into the program, I couldn’t help but feel like this was such a rich opportunity. I can’t wait to see the relationships that form over the next three weeks. Whether it is with the community or the craft itself, I’m anticipating it to be life changing


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