We took the day off on Sunday and went to the Hindu pilgrimage town of Pushkar.  The town wraps around a small lake and is home to one of the world’s only Brahma temples, just one of the 400 temples here. Fifty two ghats(bathing areas) line the perimeter of the lake – the devout come to bathe in these sacred waters. Pushkar is also know for its camel fair, unfortunately not happening now but there were still lots of Camel to see.

The town, perched slightly above the lake and ghats is beautiful – winding streets, whitewashed buildings, lots of cows of course and a lively bazaar that also wraps around the lake.  Silver, carvings, clothing, handmade paper, book stores, music stores, food, trinkets -lots to see.

Stunning architecture.
Unfortunately the weather gods were not with us, we raced through pouring rain and swirling sand to the Sunset cafe and instead of watching the sunset, watched a spectacular lightning storm.  The heavy rain made for another hair rising drive on the highway back to our hotel. 
Definitely a place to come back to.


Maragolds for offerings.
Can you spot Connie?


A bird’s eye view of the sacred lake.
The fellow is given a wide berth.
Cows here, there, everywhere!!
You’ll even find cows within sacred areas.
This lady was on her way to the Ghats.
Mess with the bull,
You get the horns!


And yes -monkeys too!