Wow. We have been busy as we’ve moved into full prototype phase. We are learning so much. Just when we thought we have worked things through, we discover a new quirk as we watch the women cut and sew our surface designs. Working here is an adjustment. Power outages, extreme heat -not to mention things just have a way of working by which we must abide. And of course everything is complicated by the fact that all information must be translated. Who knows what gets lost along the way.

It’s rare for people to come to Barefoot for such a short time. And considering the above -we can see why. Nonetheless, we have accomplished quite a bit, as we are about to set off for our final day. Though we may be perceived as impatient westerners -what we will be leaving is appreciated. I don’t think anyone thought we could achieve so much.

We are super proud of our team as they have been giving it their all. Amazing dedication, again, especially considering the relentless heat. Thank you Emma, Jaime, Samson, Clio and Juliana.

We are proud to report we’ve developed two complete applique collections, as well as some other ideas to boot. The wood buttons have introduced completely new skills to a very rudimentary purely pragmatic wood shop. Hopefully these inspire new work.

The above items have been communicated via physical templates, masters and supporting digital documents. These can be used as a record, but also culled for marketing and promotional materials. We’ve also assessed product quality (upon request) and standardized certain items, all with the goal of reaching greater and farther markets.

We have of course documented everything with oodles of photos, and as a final task, we will put together the story of the amazing people, and talented work that goes into these items. Stay tuned for more about them…

Clio trying a possible pattern template

From paper.

To fabric.

To product (bed covering).

Communicating colour. Using basic diagram colour coded with embroidery thread. wrapped around corresponding pencil crayons.

Designs inspired by the things we’ve seen: decorative patterns taken from Amber Palace.

Exploring items through complete product lines. (New wooden button to come)

Sharing new skills

A simple button teaches a lot about the craft of finer wood working.