Today we presented our surface designs to the appliqué masters. One of the interesting cultural quirks is the side to side head bob. As Ramisha translated our concepts, we waited with baited breath. Did they like them -yes, no? Impossible to tell as heads sway to and fro. Happy to report we got the thumbs up, along with lots of laughter.


Presenting our designs to Sarju and Bidam.
Yes? No?



It is important that our ideas be well received, as this is the only way to ensure they will be implemented. The goal of each of our designs is to use traditional methods and motifs in a contemporary way. As well as implement them across a range of product lines from bedding to bags to table.
We also aim to get to get around issues of quality control by using different placements (such as asymmetry). When the sewing and appliqué work is completed in different locations by different people, it is difficult to standardize product for wholesale. Of course there will always be variations as the beautiful work is created by hand. However when patterns are symmetrical, scale and alignment do become issues. 
One of Nishit’s many tasks here is completing a new website with online store to reach new markets both foreign and domestic. Of course the ultimate goal always -creating more jobs.

And of course we do not want to overlook CoDA’s many objectives; one of which is to tell the story of these amazing women and the time and work they put into their craft. The value as added by the hand work must be celebrated. Part of our work here is to make sure we tell that story.

At work in our make shift design studio.


At work in our on surface designs.


The lovely Rishima, translating our concepts.
Out comes the record book. Discussing old motifs, applied in new ways.


More designs. More discussions…