In addition to our major textile appliqué project, we are also working on wooden closure systems for the shoulder bags.  Right now the women in the sewing shop are using Velcro and magnets as bag closures which tend to end up staying stuck together and tearing the fabric they are attached to.
We’ve developing a range asymmetrically shaped wooden buttons that can be used with button holes or fabric loops.  Some will be solid wood and others will be embroidered themselves.  The asymmetrical shape means they can be replicated more easily (any irregularities just become part of the design)

We’re hoping these “buttons” will make the bags more functional, longer lasting and a add a further unique quality to their distinctive designs. Check out our first run of wood prototypes which we will present today.

If the buttons prove successful, this means jobs for the wood shop.  The criteria for successful designs are a bit different then what we would normally think of.  They need to sell of course,  but the design is even more successful if it employs more people as opposed to allowing fewer people to make more objects.  Such an amazing opportunity to think outside our usual approach to minimizing labour costs.

We’ll post the short list designs as soon as the women in the sewing studio have their say!

Presenting the button concepts


First button prototypes (there are so many more!)
Samson working in the wood shop.
Buttons being cut by scroll saw.